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Trainings Offered

Face to Face Training

We help job seekers and working professionals to get better employment opportunities and advance their career by assisting them in developing English communication and other career skills.We customize the course structure after assessing individual strengths and weaknesses to make sure our participants get the best learning experience.

Online Training

You may not be able to attend regular English speaking course to improve your command of English due to the shortage of time. Without a good command of English language, your growth becomes slow-paced.Our online course gives you convenience, and a stable platform to speak English confidently.

English and Personality Development for Teenagers

A child also needs holistic personality development course to broaden his mind so that he can prepare himself for upcoming challenges of life.We give a strong platform to children for their future by helping them in developing attributes and habits to live a fulfilling life.

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Books By Yogesh Vermani

Learn English Your Guide to Everyday Conversation ₹ 149

The book is meant to assist you in developing the command of English language. It provides you different scripts for everyday English and helps in improving grammar clarity to avoid grammatical blunders. This book is incredibly useful for people who have a dearth of time to pursue formal English Speaking Course.

Unlock Your Confidence Overnight

Unlock Your Confidence is your manual to unleash your confidence. It shares time-tested techniques to overcome your fears and propels you to take action in the right direction. The beauty of the book lies in its pragmatic approach and clear language which you can put into practice immediately.

Speak English Like A Star

If you struggle to speak or write English due to lack of conceptual clarity or you make grammatical mistakes, Speak English Like A Star is the book you need. This book is one of the best resources available in the market to learn English. It exemplifies everyday English in such a manner that you feel at home in writing and speaking English being a non-native speaker.