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A few words about Urcareer

Yogesh founded UrCareer in 2008 with the sole objective of helping its clients to speak English well and excel in their career.

At UrCareer, We help job seekers and working professional to land a job and advance their career by developing English communication and other career skills. We customize the course structure after assessing individual strengths and weakness to make sure our participants get the best learning experience.

Successful people around the globe have some common personality traits like good communication skills, passion for work, willpower, healthy mindset, people development. At UrCareer, we equip individuals with these qualities and skills to enable them to climb the ladder of success and play a vital role towards the growth of the organization.

We constantly strive to make learning an unforgettable experience.

our mission

We not only help you to develop a command of English language but also assist you to become a better communicator. We make you practice every day conversation which you typically need at the workplace and home. Personality and career development program help you to become one of the best contributors to your organization, and it propels your management to promote you faster.

Training by professionals

A mentor gives you the spark of his brilliance. Training from industry experts makes you develop right attitude, and it also provides you exposure to real-world challenges. A good mentor also assists you to develop attributes vastly desired by industry and a healthy mindset to deal with any situation that you might face.

Individual feedback sessions

Our course material is specifically designed to meet your career needs and besides that individual feedback sessions make this course most useful. The purpose of personal feedback is to customize the course to some extent so that you can take concrete steps from day one to improve your command of English, communication skills and excel in your career


Our Professional team

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Yogesh has been imparting spoken English, communication, and career development training for seven years. He caters to job seekers, working professionals and corporate sector primarily. He is the author of a bestselling book: Learn English: Your Guide to Everyday Conversation. His articles on communication and career development have been read by more than 200000 people on different websites. He has also authored 'Unlock Your Confidence Overnight' and developed video training program on spoken English, namely, ‘Learn English at Home’. He makes you speak English from day one, and his passion is to help you to become a better communicator and achieve your goals by applying best strategies.

Business Development Manager

Sarika works as business development manager, and she is also responsible for development and upgradations of UrCareer's website. She is perspicuous and result oriented. Her vision is to create the best service experience for our clients relentlessly. She has eight years rich working experience with different IT companies.

Training Head

Saurabh is an experienced Human Resources professional who has acquired Masters in Social Work and Thomas Certification and in last 14 years has worked with companies like Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Hyundai Electronics India Ltd, Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd, AKAI India and Livguard Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd in different capacities. Development of workforce in companies, where he has worked, has been his key priority, and he firmly believes in sustained and phased growth. Philosophy behind taking interviews, understanding the candidate for appropriate fitment, designing a career progression, imparting Learning initiatives has been his focus and interest line. Besides, designing performance appraisal system that suits the organizational vision and existing stage along with its effective implementation remained his forte.

Our core values


We operate with absolute honesty and focus on compliance and attention to detail in all endeavors.


Creating atmosphere of trust by ensuring all customers are treated with loyalty, dignity and respect.


We inspire confidence with our candidates and enhance our reputation for professionalism.


We strive to be industry leaders by exceeding goals and expectations in client satisfaction.


We strive for excellence in maintaining high standards of service to exceed clients` needs.


Commitment to quality service enables us to offer our clients competitive pricing, a broad choice of products and unparalleled advocacy.