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7 Group Discussion Mistakes (You should avoid)

1. Finger pointing

This is one of the most common body language blunders people often make during an interview. One uses this gesture to blame others aggressively. You participate in a discussion to bring some solidarity and understand other's point of views so that you can avoid any possible mistake. You cannot even think of being aggressive just because someone has a different opinion than yours; moreover, a difference of opinion is the beauty of a group discussion.

2. Palm down Gesture

Palm down means you want to dominate someone. Why would you try to control someone during an open discussion? This gesture will spoil your impression in the eyes of an observer. Many people do it unwittingly and cannot take cognizance of it unless someone brings their attention towards it.

3. Your aim is to win the argument

You might think your job is to win the argument. The very purpose of any group discussion is come up with the best result or outcome by using the synergy of people with different background, mindset, and skills.

When you just want to win the discussion, you may not think about a win-win situation. When you want to win at any cost you cannot consider appreciating others' point of view even if your opponent deserves praise. However, when you focus on the best result or outcome you will find some solidarity with your opponents.

4. Disrespect can be costly

In the quest of defeating a fellow contestant, you may try to disregard his or her opinion by castigating the person. A group discussion should be a win-win situation for all participants.

If you even think of disregarding someone's opinion it shows the lack of leadership skills on your part; this very reason can become a reason for your rejection. Additionally, it depicts that you are not fit to work with a team.

5. Lack of articulation

It means you are not able to express your ideas clearly. You can become more articulate in everyday conversation through practice. If you are not habitual of speaking English, you might struggle to express your thoughts.

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6. Not being assertive

Assertiveness means you speak with energy and confidence. If you fail to present your idea assertively, it shows that you do not believe in your opinion much.

If you do not have faith in your ideas, you cannot expect other people to have faith in your ideas. Read my blog why you need to be assertive

7. Inadequate preparation

You might go to an interview with inadequate preparation. You can find rich content on any topic by exploring Google and YouTube. Please make sure you revise your content three-four times. It can be a research paper, article, or video.

Moreover, take note of keywords so that you can have a look at them before the group discussion session. Revising your content will give you absolute clarity and confidence to present your opinion before others.

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