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7 Tips to Speak English Fluently

Start speaking English

You cannot do anything in life without taking the first step. To speak English fluently, you should begin today so that you can accomplish your goal. Many people wait for atmosphere or companion to start speaking English. You may never take the excuse of a companion, or atmosphere if you intend to eat something. You either prepare something by yourself or order it from a restaurant. It will be helpful if you leave your excuse for not speaking English and take the first step.

Don't be afraid of grammatical mistakes

Everybody has a fear of making mistakes. Some people act despite fear and achieve their targets. A person can never imagine learning something new without making mistakes. Moreover, no significant achievement has been without a series of failures. If we can perform jobs without making mistakes, we don't need bosses, seniors, consultants, trainers in our offices. We need fewer teachers in schools. No one has ever learned a skill or job without making mistakes.

"Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something". - Morihei Ueshiba

Listen to polished speakers

If I gave you one tip to improve English communication skills, which one would I choose? I would say listening to a couple of great orators. Everybody learns his/her mother tongue by listening only. Even an illiterate person learns his/her mother tongue by listening and speaks well. You can learn new vocabulary and sharpen your knowledge on any subject by listening. Please read my article 'top 10 reasons you fail to learn English' http://www.urcareer.in/Blog/fail-learn-English

Know your topic

Anyone can present a topic or speak on a topic if a person knows his subject well. You need to know your subject before you intend to discuss it. If you know your topic on the periphery, you can speak a little about the topic. If you have a complete understanding and experience of your topic, you will be able to do full justice with the topic.

When you listen to an expert speaking on a topic comfortably, please keep in mind he has the knowledge, experience, and research of that particular subject. The person should be a source of inspiration for you.

Use non-stop practice

Many learners fail to develop English speaking skills as they intend to start with a broad topic. They even fail to comprehend and memorize the content and lose confidence in turn. Here comes the role of a mentor who can prevent you from this trap. In case, you can start speaking English without any significant hurdle; you can start presenting big topics gradually. I suggest my students to start speaking English using non-stop practice. Here is a link for the sample non-step exercise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOHyu6vkJV8

Have patience

It takes time to learn and develop any skill such as you invest about ten-fifteen years to get a formal education, and you take months to get the hang of your job. Moreover, you take a couple of months to learn your mother tongue also.

You might become impulsive when you start developing English speaking skills. Practice every step until you become comfortable at it and keep moving to the next level. Always keep in mind that everybody has a different pace of learning. One person may take two-three months to learn a skill, while others may take four-six months or even more.

Your objective is to speak confidently and comfortably

If you want to show off your fluency, please think again! In your mother tongue, you don't even talk about fluency as long as you can speak your mother tongue assertively and comfortably. Your mother never taught you to speak fluently; she made you speak your mother tongue. Once you started speaking your mother tongue, fluency followed automatically.

Likewise, learn to speak English well. Once you can speak English, you will be able to talk fluently gradually. If you can write English well but cannot speak well, I invite you to join our online course 'How to Speak English fluently.' The course comes with one-month money back guarantee and lifetime updates. Here is the link: Online Course