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Why You Need to be Assertive

The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives. - Anthony Robbins

Let us first understand what I mean by assertiveness; assertiveness means you need following two qualities in your communication:

Let me tell you how assertiveness helped me in tackling corporate politics. When I was working for one of the biggest private sector banks, one of my bosses tried to dominate me unfairly. One day I had a heated discussion with him. When he blamed me for a blunder our team did, I explained him everything including my role and initiative for that assignment. He downplayed what I said and tried to me prove me guilty. He was so rude and confident that I could not delineate my point.

After the meeting, one of my colleagues said, You made a valid point. I was convinced it was not your mistake, but you were not assertive at all. Frankly speaking, I did not know the word 'assertive' by that time. I went home and learnt more about assertiveness. I practiced assertiveness day in day out. After ten days I started applying what I learnt. Whenever my boss tried to dominate me, I also spoke assertively. He stopped playing corporate politics with me since I understood his game.

In a nutshell, speaking with energy and confidence is assertiveness. Now the most important aspect, why we need to be assertive or what assertiveness can do for us:

Speaking without energy and confidence is like having food without salt and sugar.

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