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How to Build Vocabulary 2

One of the best ways to develop and retain new words is to listen to talk shows, interviews of famous people and speech of favorite celebrities. To get regular updates on the same, you may like our facebook page given beneath home page of our website. When your favorite star speaks a new word, it leaves a substantial impact on your mind, and it is easier to retain and recall the word.

Now let me take you through some new words which we are going to learn and keep through linking and imagination I am telling you about my friend Girish who is garish because he wears expensive suits despite having a low- paid job. His full name is Girish Hardy, and he is a hardy person since he can survive in stressful situations. Girish says that Jin (Bhoot - Hindi word) who drinks oil becomes genial and he treats everybody with love and respect. Girish loves a heroine who went through many harrowing experiences. That heroine is moti (Hindi word) and haughty, so nobody likes her expect Girish Hardy. Government companies don't employ any gourmand. Since Girish a gourmand, he can't get a job in a govt. company. Girish even goads God to provide him delicious food everywhere.

Meaning of bold words:
Linking words and imagination:
Answer the following questions to make your memory even stronger and retain these words better:

If you can't answer these question, read the given story again and you see following linking and imagination method you can easily memorize and retain new words.

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