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The Top Secret of Confidence

Whatever you want to achieve in your life whether it's money, Success, relationship, your goal or dream, it takes confidence to get anything in life.

Let us start with why you have confidence in others. You have experienced they do what they say. So you trust others, or you have the utmost confidence in them. You have more faith in people who always keep their words.

But if someone doesn't keep his promise you won't trust him/her, and you cannot have confidence in that person. So you have confidence in others because they do what they say.

How you can develop your confidence

Ask yourself if you really keep your promise to yourself in the following situations:

When you don't keep these small promises to yourself, will you be having more trust/confidence in yourself/least confidence? Can you make big promises with yourself? Will you think of taking significant challenges in life when you can't keep small promises?

My point is when you start keeping your promises to yourself you will have more trust or confidence in you; everyday it will increase. You can take yourself to the supreme level of confidence, which is the first key to achieve anything if life.

If you don't have confidence in you, how you can expect others to have confidence in you. If you don't keep your promises to yourself, why should others expect you to keep your promise to them?

So the prominent key to confidence is promise-keeping. Now it's up to you, you can start building yourself confidence right from this moment or wait / struggle your whole life that someday an angle will come & pour confidence in you, and that will never happen.

Take one of the best decisions of your life today. Firsts start keeping all promises to yourself and then with others and start building your confidence today itself.

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