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Your Market Value

"Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth."

Every candidate expects the best salary from his prospective company. If a company is supposed to appoint 100 candidates, it cannot offer the best pay to everyone. However, if the company needs a candidate with a job specialization, it has to provide the best to the deserving candidate

You need to deserve, display, and demand your worth.

How you can deserve the salary:
I come across many experienced professionals who have invested their ten years in an industry but still, they are dabblers. They never update their skills to meet their job requirement. They never search for another job since they are not sure of their abilities.
I recently met a person who had fourteen years of experience in a particular domain, and he was looking for a job since his company was shut down due to a major business loss. This man did not update any technical or soft skills during the last fourteen years. He was struggling for a job as if he would start his career.

One of my friends who had a job specialization in his domain joined another company to take his career to the next level.

He did not like the second company, and he was supposed to resume the first job. His former company hired him immediately without any condition. Within one year, he got a better opportunity since a company needed his expertise and was ready to pay any salary he could ask for.

A mechanical engineer came to me to learn English. He was desperate to join my classes since he was rejected in many interviews due to lack of excellent communication skills.

He was so passionate that he became a good orator within three months. After completing my course, he was selected in the very first interview. When his existing company knew about the offer, the management increased his salary to his expectation.
The only reason his current company did not let him go because the company could not find his replacement easily as he was a domain expert.

To deserve the best market value you need to become a domain expert, or you should have mastery of your profile or a particular profile. Just by being in a job for ten to fifteen years, you may not have domain expertise; it requires continuous skills development. You should think ahead of your boss or company. The best companies across the world invest huge money for skills development of employees since they understand people can contribute their best if they are trained consistently.

Eye specialist, joint specialist, software specialist, Income tax specialist, and other specialists around the world are paid the best remuneration because they deserve it through domain expertise.

How you can become a job specialist in your work:

To become a job specialist of your work, you need to become a life-long student of your craft so that you keep sharpening your knowledge base and improve the quality of your work relentlessly beyond the expectation of your client or boss. I will give you three-step process to be a master of your task:

"When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it." -- Mark Victor Hansen

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