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English and job interview

English communication has become an integral part of career development. Many job aspirants do not get a good job opportunity despite possessing technical skills since many companies expect candidates to speak English fluently.

To substantiate the above idea, I will take you through the story of Amit, one of my students. Amit came to meet me about six years ago and he said, "I have been working as a team leader for 3 years. I intend to change my job; however, no company considers me for the next position due to poor communication skills. I even watched many YouTube videos to improve my English communication skills, but I failed completely."

He desperately wanted a good job in his hometown Lucknow since he had been in Gurgaon for more than six years. Moreover, his marriage had been on hold for one year as his fiancee' inveigled her to get a job in Lucknow only. It was not about money, it was for his love.

He joined me immediately. He was so determined to learn that he outdid every classmate. He practiced day in day out to improve his English communication skills. He even improved his English speaking and writing skills within three months. He was able to speak English fluently without any hurdle. He disappeared after completing this course without any intimation.

After one month, I got a call from him when he averred, "Sir, I was selected by five companies one after another. Before improving my communication, every company rejected me. However, after this course, I have five job offers in my hometown. This improvement is momentous for me. I called you to thank you for this achievement."

He also shared that he had joined two English speaking classes before coming to me. He was just hopeless. This training proved transformational for him. If you have the same challenge and you want to replicate the Amit's success, I welcome you to join our online classes or face to face classes. To view our online course, students' feedback, and other details, here is the link for English Speaking Course