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English Vocabulary: Delicious Food

Do you love talking about delicious food? Here is some vocabulary to talk about tasty food:

I love visiting gourmet restaurant and eating gourmet food. I also enjoy gourmet coffee and beverages (a drink of any type). A gourmet food is high quality food and a gourmet restaurant serves high quality food.

Delicious food has a very pleasant taste and smell. I love eating delicious ice-cream, cake, and other dishes. My office serves delicious soup in the evening. Delicious food is also called ambrosial food.

Yummy food (lip-smacking) tastes extremely good. My mother always prepares yummy food. Yummy food can become your weakness if you do not have self-control. You overeat yummy food. The restaurant always serves lip-smacking food. Yummy food is also called scrumptious food.

You might have heard about filling food. The snacks were filling. I found the salad filling and could not eat much. I think yummy food is never filling, and you keep eating it, rather is moreish (having very pleasant taste and making you want eat more) If the food is filling, you feel full after you have eaten only a little of it.

People who love eating tender food may not like raw vegetables and fruit. Tender food is easy to cut and eat. Let the kidney beans boil unless they are tender.

The dessert is mouth-watering. The fried rice also looks mouth-watering. Mouth-watering food has a very good appearance or smell that makes you want to eat it.

Everyone loves eating juicy fruit. A juicy or succulent food contains a lot of juice and enjoyable to eat. Have you ever had a juicy (succulent) guava?

A small dish of food or drink taken before the main course is called appetizer. I always find appetizer filling. Hence, I never order an appetizer before the main course. Do you order an appetizer before lunch or dinner?

Luscious food has a pleasant sweet taste and containing a lot of juice. You want to these luscious grapes. The pineapple I had yesterday was luscious. I love eating luscious fruit and dishes.

Finger-licking is another adjective we use for delicious or tasty food. You always prepare finger-licking food.

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