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English vocabulary: Important or necessary

Do you have any important goal, plan, idea, wish, job, or event? We all talk about many important things in life. This blog presents a couple of English words to talk about important things and people.

I have an important piece of work. It is important for everyone to take care of his health. Important means necessary or of great value Please keep this file safely as it contains all important documents. Essential and significant are other words for important.

Something extremely important is called crucial or all-important. I am sure he will achieve crucial (all-important) goal before the timeline. It is crucial that the court should pass the law to prevent deforestation as getting rid of pollution is all-important for our country. Extremely important is also called titanic. I am sure we will deal with all titanic challenges successfully.

You must have been reading 'salient features' or 'salient qualities' since your childhood. 'Salient qualities'are the most important qualities of a product or service.

If you fail an exam or interview, it is not a matter of life and death. However, it could be a matter of life and death when a doctor shows negligence. A matter of life or death is very serious matter or thing.

My chief reason for coming here was to enjoy the picnic. You could have a different chief reason for coming here. My chief aim is to make you feel comfortable. 'Chief' means main or most important..

How many times you have heard 'money makes the world go round or business makes the world go round.' I think love, respect, and understanding make the world go round because we build connection through love, respect, and understanding. If something makes the world go round it is extremely important.

Pivotal means important because other things depend upon it. Your interviewer might ask you 'Tell me about a project where you played a pivotal role'. Dr. Manmohan Singh played a pivotal role in the economic growth of India.

Mr. Mukesh Ambani is a prominent businessman. Mr. Bachhan is a prominent actor. There are many prominent personalities in India. Mr. Anand Mahindera is also a prominent person. A prominent person is well known and important. He is a prominent politician.

We all agree that corruption is the paramount issue to deal with as it causes most of the problems such as pollution, bribery, inflation, and so on. Paramount issue is more important than anything else. Population control should a paramount issue for all governments as it is the root cause of every problem.

Something momentous is very important because of effect on future events. To start a business was a momentous decision for me. Moving to a different city is a momentous decision since you have to live separately there. Choosing a profession is momentous decision for a person. You marriage is a momentous event.

We use the adjective 'foremost' for most important, best, or leading. She is the foremost paediatrician in the city. This organization is the foremost language school in the country.

If something is critical it means it is of greatest importance. You need to deal with problem quickly as it is crucial for the execution of the project. A critical matter should not be postponed.

An eminent person is famous, respected, and important. There are many eminent businessmen, doctors, scientists, lawyers, singers, actors, and politicians. All eminent people have worked hard to reach that level. If you want to become an eminent professional, you need to pay the price.

Action is predominant part of this movie. Research is predominant part of this project. The knowledge of excel will play a predominant role in this assignment. Your ability to train people is predominant in this job. Predominant means more noticeable, or important, or larger in numbers, than others

Something substantial is large in size, value, or importance. His substantial income comes from real estate business. He gives substantial amount of time to training and development. She lost a substantial money in the stock market. The government is introducing substantial changes to boost the economic growth.

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