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English Vocabulary: 13 words to talk about teaching and training

Is there any difference between teach, coach, instruct, and train? Let us find out:

If you teach someone, it means you train or instruct him. I teach English. I used to teach accounting when I was in college. I can never teach mathematics. Teach and instruct are synonyms. To educate also means to teach someone using a formal system such as school, college, or university.

To train someone means to teach the skills and knowledge needed for a particular job or activity. We train our people for three months. The company even trains its client to operate the software proficiently. A school or college does not train you for a job, they educate you.

When you coach, you give personal special classes in sports or subject to a person or a small group of people. I have been coaching job seekers and working professionals to speak English confidently and fluently.

To edify means to improve someone's mind. A coach or mentor edifies his mentees. Meditation is also a good tool to edify human beings. Focused work can also edify anyone. A motivational lecture edifies you.

You have to upskill to excel in your career. Companies also upskill their employees to get the best output and contribution from them. One needs to upskill himself to get the best market value. To upskill means to learn new skills or teach workers new skills.

If you inculcate (teach) an idea or belief you teach someone by persistent instruction. I try to inculcate in my students consistent massive action. You can inculcate hard work by repeating the importance of hard work. Here are some sentences using inculcate:

To inculcate the sense of responsibility in children, you should always show responsible behaviour and accentuate the importance of responsibility twice a day.

Discipline: to train to obey rules or a code of behaviour

Condition: to train someone to think or behave in a particular way

If you civilize or socialize someone, it means you improve their behaviour so that it is suitable for other people

Instil: to put a feeling, idea, or behaviour in someone's mind gradually

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