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Why do You Need a Mentor

You have been learning new things since your childhood. Just recall stuff you learned from people around you:

We keep on learning concepts, behavior and thousands of other things from people around us.

Everywhere there is someone to teach us or to coach us. And the quality of our learning entirely depends upon the quality of our coach or mentor, e.g., I learned driving from a person who used to drive a car at a speed of 100 mph; so when I turned the car for the very first time, I drove 70 mph. Credit goes to my coach only; because by being in his company I felt confident enough to drive at a speed of 70mph on the first day itself.

Had I learned from a person who drove at 50 mph for whole life, I would have started slow. That is the only reason people run behind IIM, IIT, IBS, Harvard Business school, London business school and other top educational institutions; they want to learn from the best. When your coach is confident, you also become confident.

You must have seen all big stars, politicians; entrepreneurs and celebrities have their mentors who coach them different aspects of life, e.g., communication, acting, health and diet, business development, productivity.

So if you want to become good at something, consider having a mentor or taking coaching and choose the best. You will automatically become excellebt and confident by being in the company of a good coach.

Having a mentor - Action points for you:

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