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3 Failure Stories - English Speaking Course

Taking a Wrong Decision

Reena wanted to join a famous MBA college after her graduation. She had to face a personal interview to enter college; hence, she needed effective communication skills. She was not good at English communication but wanted to join the college at any cost to have a rewarding career. She joined a public speaking institute to improve her English communication skills without considering her real weakness. She had limited knowledge of tenses, modals, and other nuances of grammar. The institute never promised her to improve these aspects of English communication. The job of the institute was to help participants understand and develop nuances of public speaking. She ended up wasting her time and money.

It is essential for you to understand your challenge before you begin a course. It does not require much time. You just need little clarity. If you can understand English and write well but cannot speak English, you should focus on English Speaking Skills. However, if you cannot write and understand English, you may focus on grammar, translation, and conceptual clarity.

When Reena joined our institute, we helped her to improve the sentence structure and other mistakes. After that, we made her understand and develop the nuances of effective communication. She was able to clear her interview after one month.

By the way, you can also know how to choose a right institute for you: 5 Criterion for Choosing an English Speaking Course

Taking a Wrong Approach

Let me take you through my story. After getting a professional degree, I realized that I could not speak English fluently and confidently. I had to converse with my colleagues, clients, and other people during my internship. I joined an institute to focus on spoken English; However, I was reluctant to discuss my challenge in detail. After a little assessment, my session started. I was taught grammar, tenses, and modal verbs for two months. I did not even have one session of English conversation or group discussion. By the time I took cognizance of the situation, the duration of the course had got over.

I joined another institute to get the hang of English conversation. To my surprise, the institute also focused more on grammar and tenses. I left this institute in ten days. Having made a little improvement, I lost my trust in English speaking coaching institutes.

I came across one online communication skills training course that helped me to understand and develop nuances of effective communication skills. I also realized I was never taught these nuances.

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Not Taking a Decision

Amit joined an institute since he needed an excellent command of English to excel in his career. He was unable to face interviews due to poor English communication skills. His manager also warned him to improve his English speaking and writing skills. He happened to write a couple of rude emails to his seniors and clients. He read these emails twice but could not understand his mistake. Having spent more than one month, he hardly found any improvement.

He discussed his concern with the management of the Institute. The management gave him assurance for improvement. There was hardly any improvement after two months, but he could not dare to leave the Institute. He felt deceived upon completing his tenure with the Institute since he failed to improve English communication.

He could not take another decision for one year, and he lingered in the same situation struggling for career growth.

There are many good options to improve English speaking and writing skills. One failure does not mean the end of possibilities. Please visit our website www.urcareer.in to observe how we are helping our participants to excel in their career by assisting them in improving English communication and other career skills.