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English Vocabulary: 12 Words to Talk about Doing Something Successfully

Have you ever met a person who does not want to go into orbit or make a splash? I think it is true for everybody. Don't you want to go into orbit or make a splash?

I will repeat these words numerous times since we learn many things through repetition only.

1. Go into orbit: to succeed quickly

2. Make a splash: to become suddenly very successful and very well known

If you can outperform your rivals or nail your job, there are strong chances that you will go into orbit or make a splash?

3. Outperform: to do something better than others

4. To nail means to do something very successfully.

However you need to execute your work to reach the first base. In other words, to taste success or to reach the first base execution is the key.

5. Reach first base: to have the first achievement that is needed for later success

6. Execute: to do something in a planned way

If you can execute your job and reach the first base, people often say "you will go places or your plans will go without a hitch," You need to monomaniacal focus if you want to go places or you want your plans to go without a hitch.

7. Go place: to be likely to be successful

8. Go without a hitch: to happen successfully without any problem