Learn English - Your Guide To Everyday Conversation

You want to speak English. This is the book you need.

This book will help you to improve your English communication from basic to intermediate level, and it will help you to speak English confidently and comfortably in the office or at home or with strangers.

You might have tried many books and coaching classes to speak better English, or you might have watched many YouTube videos. Many books and videos just touch upon important concepts, and you do not learn much despite being sincere. It is difficult to learn and speak English in the absence of right guidance.

This book illustrates everyday conversation scripts in a simple manner. It gives a step-by-step guide to learning everyday English, and it also helps you to overcome grammatical blunders by covering following aspects:

Speak English like a Star

If you struggle to speak or write English, or you make grammatical errors while writing or speaking English, 'Speak English like a Star' is the book you need to overcome this challenge.

Sometimes, you are not able to speak English due to the shortage of vocabulary, or your sentence structure is not clear due to lack of conceptual clarity. You might feel dilemma when you translate your thoughts from Hindi to English. You lose many lucrative job opportunities in India and abroad to lack of English communication skills; hence it cost you your career.

'Speak English Like a Star' is one of the books available in the market. It offers you the undermentioned benefits

  1. Hindi-English Version
  2. Covers the most common vocabulary of English Language
  3. Step by step approach to learning English
  4. Beginners Edition
  5. Most suitable for Job Seekers, professionals students & housewives

Unlock your confidence overnight

Some people struggle to improve their confidence all the way through their life, but if you have precise method or technique, you can effortlessly develop your confidence without any hurdle.

Without self-confidence, you cannot have eagerness and determination to achieve your chosen goals.

You need to take bold steps and encounter novel situations to excel in career and personal life. You come across a new challenge every day, such as facing an interviewer or the top management, meeting new people, starting a new business, changing your job, accepting a big responsibility, investing money and so on. Without confidence, you become motionless.

The beauty of the book lies in its pragmatic approach and clear language which you can put into practice immediately. It offers you the under mentioned benefits:

English Speaking Practice for Beginners

English speaking becomes challenging without the right direction. Many students join English speaking course, and they keep learning English grammar for 3-4 months without investing much time on speaking practice.
You might struggle to speak English fluently being a non-native speaker. Many students do not even have the right content to practice English conversation. Students find it difficult to practice lengthy assignment, while smaller assignments do not help them in building fluency.
The book contains everyday English conversation topics to make you speak English effectively. It will also help you to develop conceptual clarity.
Moreover, this book contains many small topics for everyday English conversation for beginners. You can use it as your first book to speak English fluently.

What are the best features of this book?

Who should buy this book?

If you have some knowledge of tenses and grammar, but you are unable to speak English, you will find this book very useful. This book contains a step by step approach to speaking English. This book is the most suitable for beginners.

Job Interview Skills: Jump-Start Your Career

The problem

Being a fresher, you may not understand the intention of your interviewer behind different interview questions, and the interviewer may not be convinced with your answers. You can also spoil your impression before the interview though wrong body language or rough voice. You never do these mistakes advertently. It would help if you had a holistic understanding of interview questions to produce a right answer.

How this book will help you

This book not only provides interview tips but also covers sample answers for common and tricky interview questions. It gives comprehensive guidance for interview preparation such as standard and tricky interview questions, body language blunders, effective communication skills, and growth catalysts.


Despite getting a good job, you can struggle for the career growth. The book also guides for smooth career progression.

FAQ Who should buy this book?

Is this book helpful for working professionals?

This book is meant for job seekers and working professional who want face a job interview confidently.