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Most of our clients are job seekers and working professionals who struggle to excel in their career due to:

lack of good English communication skills and other career skills such as email writing skills, job interview skills, people skills.

Many companies focus on product and sales training only; hence, employees fail to develop required soft skills. We equip our participants with English speaking and other career skills so that they can contribute the best to the expectations of their bosses and management.

The individual attention given to students helps them to transform their mindset and personality. We understand the current level and requirement of a candidate before suggesting any course. We also consider their office schedule and nature of the job to make sure they can learn without compromising with their priorities.

Working professionals from junior to top management often struggle to attend regular classes; we also provide them with round the clock online classes so that they can learn and develop according to their convenience. Moreover, they get lifetime access to online courses. We update our online course every month, and participants can also send their queries to our email address or WhatsApp number.

We provide students with a comprehensive English Speaking and Personality Development course.

Partial List of Trainees working for Corporate

# Participants Company Position
1 Atul Kuksal Scientist
2 Arpit Chawla Tata Project
3 Sonia Pahuja Scientist
4 Vikesh Kumar It
5 Deepak Rawat Senior Technical Assistant
6 Mayank Makkar Chartered Accountant
7 Sandeep Project Engineer
8 Gurpreet Design Engineer
9 Aman Sharma Insurance Advisor
10 Khushbu Chartered Accountant
11 Gurpreet Mechanical Engineer
12 Divya Gulati Executive CRM & Collection
13 Mr. Gurmeet MD
14 Mr. Mahender LPA
15 Mr. Mahesh Account Executive
16 Mr. Parveen Account Officer
17 Mr. Ajay Yadav Senior Account Officer
18 Ms. Pooja Costume Designer
19 Pravendra Production Manager
20 Mr. Manish Project Lead
21 Mr. Arun Raghav Assistant Manager
22 Farman Ali Executive Horticulture
23 Sheetal Mongia Assistant Team Leader
24 Tanvi Associate Member
25 Ankur Gupta Bank Probationary Officer
26 Pawan Kumar Deputy Manager
27 Ajay Kumar Yadav Manager
28 Md. Shafique Khan Service Engineer
29 Abhishek Kumar Assistant Manager
30 Rajinder Kumar Lab Technician
31 R P Tiwari Senior Project Engineer
32 Vijay Vishwakarma Executive
33 Alok Engineer
34 Atul Engineer
35 Ashish Engineer
36 Raj Chartered Accountant
37 Arpit Mittal Chartered Accountant
38 Vinod Engineer
39 Amit Sharma Account Executive
40 Keshav Saboo Chartered Accountant
41 Ankita Gera Admin & HR Executive
42 Monu Kumar Testing Engineer
43 Nipun Khulbe Webmaster
44 Sitaram Prajapati BDR
45 Amit Aggarwal Assistant Manager
46 Mahesh Kumar Account Executive
47 Ligesh A Nair Assistant Manager
48 Vipul Srivastava ITA
49 Vikram Chauhan AM Operation
50 Ajay Goswami Mechanical Engineer
51 Vinay Moorjani Manager
52 Nilesh Developer
53 Sheel Daga Executive
54 Raushan Singh Assistant Manager
55 Ashish Dhiman Lecturer
56 Ritika Sachdeva Admin Executive
57 Swantra Tripathi Executive
58 Pankaj Singh Associate Member
59 Sangeeta Air Hostess
60 Dibyendu Manager