Speak English like a Star

If you struggle to speak or write English, or you make grammatical errors while writing or speaking English, 'Speak English like a Star' is the book you need to overcome this challenge.

Sometimes, you are not able to speak English due to the shortage of vocabulary, or your sentence structure is not clear due to lack of conceptual clarity. You might feel dilemma when you translate your thoughts from Hindi to English. You lose many lucrative job opportunities in India and abroad to lack of English communication skills; hence it cost you your career.

'Speak English Like a Star' is one of the books available in the market. It offers you the undermentioned benefits

  1. Hindi-English Version
  2. Covers the most common vocabulary of English Language
  3. Step by step approach to learning English
  4. Beginners Edition
  5. Most suitable for Job Seekers, professionals students & housewives