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CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE given by CLIENTS after Successfully Completing English Speaking / Effective Communication / Personality Development / Email Writing / Job Interview Skills / Communication Skills / Public Speaking / Vocabulary Building / Career Growth Principles through FEEDBACKS

You can search for latest reviews on Google by typing 'UrCareer Gurgaon.' You can also view my profile on Amazon to know about my books. Here is the link. I am the author of bestselling book Learn English through Hindi-English Translation. I have authored five more books namely Job Interview Skills, Unlock Your Confidence Overnight, Email Writing for Beginners, Learn English: Your Guide to Everyday Conversation, and English Speaking Practice for Beginners. More than 400 people have reviewed my books on Amazon.

You can go through more reviews on Udemy. I have published five courses on Udemy namely, Learn English Speaking, Prepare for Job Interview, Self-Confidence Mastery, Business Email Writing Skills for Beginners, and Learn English through Hindi-English Translation. More than 90 people have reviewed my courses on Udemy.

Moreover, you can also watch video reviews by our students on YouTube . We also provide you with 30 days money-back guarantee for our online courses so that you can make 100% risk-free investment in your development.